We organise and run Field Trials for Any Variety Retrievers recognised by the Kennel Club.

Each year we run 2 Novice Stakes, an All Aged Stake and a 2 Day Open Qualifying Stake by kind permission of some of the most beautiful Estates in the Yorkshire area.


The 2019/2020 Field Trial Schedule and Entry Forms have been sent to all fully paid members.

We are extremely lucky to have three fabulous sponsors in BON COEUR FINE WINES, PERNICE PRESS and SKINNER

Stake 1

 2 day 24 dog Open, AV Retriever 

Ripley Castle & Mountgarret Estate

Judges: - Richard Beckerleg (A), Dick Sorley (A), Thomas Bushby (B), Tom Leitch (B).

Entries Close:- 19th September 2019.

Stake 2

16 dog All Aged, AV Retriever

Birdsall Estate

Judges:- Greig Paterson (A), Geoff Dobbs (B), Fiona Joint (NP), Sinead Wilkinson (NP).

Entries Close:- 8th October 2019.

16 dog Novice, AV Retriever.

Kepwick Estate

Judges:- Mick Newsam (A), Phil Smithies (B), Daniel Marx (NP), Joanne Wilson (NP).

Entries Close:- 7th November 2019

Stake 3 

Stake 4 

16 dog Novice, AV Retriever.

Snilesworth Estate

Judges:- Heather Bradley (A), John Yarwood (B), Simon Capstick (NP), Paul Stogden (NP).

Entries Close:- 4th January 2020


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